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The End of a Long War: Afghanistan

Episode Summary

Afghanistan is in turmoil after the withdrawal of US troops, bringing what appears to be a nasty end to America’s longest war. Will it change how Americans feel about our role in the conflict? Plus the big changes in America detected by the new Census data.

Episode Notes

After 20 years, US troops were leaving Afghanistan for the last time, when the Afghan government and security forces collapsed under Taliban advances. Immediate polling shows Americans are conflicted about the messy and deadly pullout, but it comes after a long, steady decline in support for the long war as seen in years of Gallup polling on the issue.

Then, the detailed 2020 Census data has been released and America has changed – a lot! We are more diverse than ever with people of color representing 43% of the total US population in 2020, compared to 34% in 2010. Cities are blossoming, rural areas are emptying out, and the suburbs may hold the keys to both Republican and Democratic redistricting efforts. Plus, what does it mean for pollsters who depend on the data to make accurate calculations?

We round off the episode with Lee’s fun fact. This week, we throw it back all the way to the 50’s to look at American’s pet peeves. Who knows? They may just be the same as ours today!

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