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The Future of America: Trump and Cigarettes?

Episode Summary

The third time's the charm! At least, that's what Donald Trump hopes as he announces his 2024 presidential candidacy...but do Americans agree? Then, new data on young people and cigarettes is very encouraging as they've largely kicked butts, but they're still smoking something... Finally, the fun fact stays in the smoke with a 1939 poll all about how people in that era preferred to consume their tobacco.

Episode Notes

Sure, the 2022 elections aren't even officially over yet, but with Trump already announcing his run for President in 2024, we're looking at new polling showing he may be facing a very uphill climb. Then again, Joe Biden is no more popular for 2024 so what -- or who -- do Americans want? The data suggests they may not know, but they do know who they DON'T want.

Next up, smoking is making a comeback but not exactly the way you might think. Young adults are smoking cigarettes less than ever, but they're smoking something a little more green at increasing rates. We're also looking at how smoking rates are linked to geography, education, and politics -- is it correlation, causation, or coincidence?

Finally, while we're on the topic of cigarettes, Lee's Fun Fact takes us back to 1939, when cigarettes were only one popular way to ingest tobacco.