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The Great Phantom Crime Wave

Episode Summary

For several years, Americans have identified crime as one of their big concerns. But new FBI data out last week suggests those fears are overblown. Then, should colleges and universities be requiring internships? And, if so, should interns be paid? Finally, our fun fact shows not all Americans are Halloween fans.

Episode Notes

More Americans than every fear crime is going up. But it's not. In fact, it's historically very low and, in most categories, fell quite a bit in 2022. Why the disconnect? We're digging into the data to see if Americans are equating crime with feelings of safety.

Then, in today’s job market, getting that first post-grad gig can be easier said than done. Many believe internships are a big plus and, while some data backs up that notion, does it therefore follow that colleges should require them? The Director of Marist College's Center for Civic Engagement and Learning, Dr. Melissa Gaeke, explains why this might not benefit all students.

And, we finish with our fun fact that asks a sort of weird question: what is your least favorite holiday? The answers may spook you!