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The (New) Middle East War

Episode Summary

Israel and Palestine. As a new war wages, data shows Americans are taking sides, whereas before, they had little opinion on the matter. And, for the first time in history a Speaker of the House has been ousted... so, what now? Unsurprisingly, this has not helped Americans restore any trust in the U.S. government.

Episode Notes

Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel in what is being termed "Israel's 9/11." The terrorist attacks on civilians, including barbaric killings of children and a massacre at a music festival, have shocked the world. In the past, Americans have not had strong opinions on the conflict in the Middle East. But the most recent polling, from just before the attacks, showed Democrats have growing support for Palestine and Republicans are still hard set on supporting Israel. Will that change now?

Then, Republicans may have a hard time agreeing on a new Speaker of the House, but their constituents don't seem to love what they've done by kicking out Kevin McCarthy. Actually, most Americans don't support the move, but do they actually care?