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The State of the Union and America's Tipping Culture

Episode Summary

Joe Biden's State of the Union address is right around the corner, but what do Americans think? We unpack our new poll on the question. Then, we look at America's tipping culture. Is tipping for takeout going too far? Finally, with Groundhog Day this week, we're looking at the great debate: Punxsutawney Phil versus the Weather Channel.

Episode Notes

Our first poll of 2023 is out and we asked about a lot of things, including what Americans think the State of the Union is, Biden's latest approval rating, and how big a problem extremism is for both parties. We found some surprises there. We also asked about social media and Americans have an interesting take on the media's effects.

Is tipping out of control? We look at how the pandemic has affected the practice of tipping in the United States. Internationally, the U.S. is one of the only countries in which tipping is common and, with so many service worker in tip-based jobs living at or below the poverty level, we ask, is it realistic to keep the practice?

In honor of Groundhog Day and the ultimate question of two more weeks of winter or spring, we look at who Americans trust more: a furry animal or the TV weather star.