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Too Much TikTok?

Episode Summary

Dems always dream of turning Texas purple. What are the odds this time around? Then, it seems like everyone under 30 is on TikTok but plenty of politicians want to force the company to spin out a U.S.-owned version. What do Americans think of all this? Finally, we saved the best for last. What is your favorite flavor of the American classic, Jell-O?

Episode Notes

We're digging into our first-of-the-season Texas poll to see if Democrats can break the decades-long GOP hold on the Lone Star State. Our data suggests Biden may not pull that off, but could Colin Allred turn Texas a little less red?

Next, we've turned Poll Hub over to our Gen Z student producers for a segment on TikTok. Why? For starters, the rest of us aren't really on it...or so we thought. The debate over whether the Chinese-owned app should be allowed to continue operating in the U.S. has made for some strange political alliances but what do American think?

We finish the way every good meal does -- with dessert! But, our fun fact reveals a lot of strong feelings about one very American sugary treat.