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Trump, Healthcare, & Drag Shows

Episode Summary

This episode, we're breaking down the juiciest issues from our latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll. Then, with another tragic mass school shooting in the news, we look at red flag laws and how people feel about them. But also, if they're actually effective. And, we finish off with a patriotic fun fact. If you had to redo the national anthem... who would write it?

Episode Notes

Our latest poll dives into topics like crime, a TikTok ban, restricting drag shows, and universal healthcare. Americans have their set opinions on some but you may be surprised about some others.

On the heels of yet another mass school shooting in the U.S., we are looking at red flag laws -- one of the few gun restrictions that has some bipartisan support. How effective are they? What do Americans think about them?

And, we finish with a Fun Fact that has us asking, what were those pollsters up to when they thought up this question?