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Trump's Indictment and Dying Young

Episode Summary

Trump's been indicted, but will it make any difference to GOP voters? Americans are dying younger, AND younger Americans are dying more frequently. New data shows a grim picture about life expectancy in the US. E.T. phone hoommeee... This week's fun fact is out of this world.

Episode Notes

Trump's indictment made history this week but will it make any difference to his support -- or lack thereof -- among various groups of Americans? We're looking back through over seven years of Marist Polls to see what history tells us.

Then, there's been a precipitous -- even shocking -- drop in U.S. life expectancy. Dr. Scott Kush from the Life Expectancy Group is here to help us understand why. The obvious answer, COVID-19, doesn't really hold up since other countries quickly bounced back from declines.

And, ever thought about life beyond Earth? This week's fun fact gets a little extra-terrestrial.