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Trump's Taken Documents & COVID’s Impact on Kids

Episode Summary

Unethical, illegal, or irrelevant: what do Americans really think about the FBI investigation into former President Donald Trump's removal of documents from the White House? Then, what kind of effect did the COVID pandemic have on school kids' academic performance? Maybe more than you think, particularly among previously lower-performing students. Finally, feeling deja-brew. For Lee's Fun Fact, we take a look at coffee drinkers over the years.

Episode Notes

The FBI's investigation into the removal of documents from the White House by former President Donald Trump is stirring the pot amongst voters. Did he do something illegal, unethical, both, or neither? And, how does this affect his Republican base? We discuss this and more as we look toward the 2022 midterm elections.

Next, the everlasting effect of the COVID pandemic on school kids' education. We are joined by the Director of the Center for School and Student Progress at NWEA (formerly Northwest Evaluation Association), Dr. Karyn Lewis, who further explains just how far behind kids are in their curriculum post-COVID, as well as alarming school testing results. Where do we go from here and how do we get back on track?

Finally, we're talking about Joe…coffee that is. Take a sip and sit back as we take a look at how many people actually drink coffee in the United States and how this has changed from years past.

You can follow Dr. Karyn Lewis on Twitter @karynlew and @NWEA for more information.