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What's Up With That NY Times Poll?!?!

Episode Summary

Last week's NY Times/Siena Poll made a big splash -- among hand-wringing Democrats and gleeful Republicans alike. But did the data deserve WAY more scrutiny? We're taking a look at the data and the narrative. And, we finish with a Fun Fact from 1939 that we think could, if polled today, yield very similar results.

Episode Notes

The latest NYTimes/Siena Poll has been getting a lot of attention, but not all the good kind. Plenty of Democrats are upset about what it shows and how the Times covered it. Others used the numbers to bolster arguments about Biden's age or Trump's electability.

But, we argue the REAL problem is the poll's methodology itself. It's a novel way of trying to solve issues that plague polling but it's an experiment with no control group and it's reported as gospel...

Then, we relax as Lee returns for his Fun Fact from 1939 -- and it takes an unexpected twist!