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Will AI Change the Classroom?

Episode Summary

Our first battleground state polls for 2024 are out and we're looking deep into the data to understand what Georgia and North Carolina are telling us. It may be a long way from the election, but we have some insights on these Southern voters. Then, AI programs like Chat GPT are fast on the path to becoming embedded in everything we do. But, what's their place in schools? Parents, teachers, and students have different views so we're talking to them! Finally, do you think these are the best or worst years of your life? This week's fun fact has us debating...that very question.

Episode Notes

The 2024 election may, like those in 2016 and 2020, come down to the results in a handful of battleground states. We love polling these states and our first of this year are Georgia and North Carolina. It's early but the data tells a lot about the opportunities and challenges Joe Biden and Donald Trump face.

Then, we have an awesome extended segment on AI in education. Some teachers and college professors worry about Chat GPT being more like "Cheat" GPT but others are embracing the technology. We're bringing our two student producers together with Marist Assistant Professor of Communications Dr. Qihao Ji to talk about how he requires it in classroom!

And, we finish with Lee's fun fact about the times of our lives. What are the best times of life? What are the worst? A 1971 survey has us talking.