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Will Texas Turn Purple THIS Time?

Episode Summary

Democrats have been hoping Texas might turn purple -- if not blue -- for almost a decade but to no avail. Will Sen. Ted Cruz's 2024 challenger turn the red tide? Also, in our latest poll, we find Americans side with Biden on how to handle the debt limit increase debate, but we also find it's not likely to help him much. And, we end with a fun fact about America's most loved...and hated...baseball team. Guess who?

Episode Notes

We start with a deep dive into the data of our new poll with NPR and the PBS NewsHour. Americans favor the Biden position of raising the debt limit separately from any discussion about spending cuts, but, if default happens, they would pretty much blame both sides equally.

Then, friend-of-the-poll and longtime Texas journalist John Sparks joins us in studio to help us understand if national Democrats should still be thinking the Lone Star state will soon turn purple. Colin Allred – former NFL star and current Congressman – is taking on incumbent GOP Senator Ted Cruz. But is it a pipe dream?

And, since Sparks is perhaps the rare Texan who's also a GIANT Yankees fan, the fun fact unites Lee and John is a detailed discussion of polls showing their team to be the most loved...and hated...in major league baseball.