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Will This Time Be Different?

Episode Summary

We take a moment to recognize those killed in America's worst mass shooting so far this year, in Maine. And we ask, has this latest attack changed some opinions in Congress? Then, can a college education help you live longer? New data suggests it can and the advantage is growing. Finally, we finish with an extra creepy fun fact. What's your favorite cryptid?

Episode Notes

On October 25th, the deadliest shooting in Maine occurred in Lewiston. Since the attack, Maine politicians have been put in the hot seat over their opposition to gun control measures including an assault weapon ban. And one of them did shift his position. Is it the beginning of a change, or just an aberration in our never-changing, stalled debate on America's mass shooting epidemic?

Can a difference in a degree really shorten your life? New research looks at the difference between the life expectancies of those with college degrees and those without. The gap is shocking... and growing. One of the study's authors, Sir Angus Deaton, joins to break down what this says about our society and what it could mean for the future. See more on the research here.

We end with cryptids. What? Spooky animals unbeknownst to science, but very big in popular culture. Which is the best? This creepy fun fact crowns a cryptid.