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Women in Sports: Show Them the Money

Episode Summary

What are New Yorkers thinking? We're going deep into the data from our latest NYS poll. Next, Caitlin Clark and women's basketball have been the talk of the town, but why aren't the big ratings translating into bigger paychecks? Finally, what's your greatest indulgence? This fun fact is our guilty pleasure.

Episode Notes

In our latest survey of New York State residents, we found a lot of pessimism about a lot of things -- except legalized recreational marijuana. We're unpacking the findings and what they say about the current Empire State of mind.

Then, after the NCAA women's college basketball final beat the men's final in the ratings, a lot of people are saying women's sports have finally arrived. While players like Caitlin Clark are changing the game, as we now see with her new WNBA contract, they are still be paid almost 3 times less than their male counterparts -- at best.

And, we end with a delicious and indulgent fun fact: Do you have a food you know is bad for you, but you eat anyway? We have A LOT of answers on this one.