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Women's History Month & NYC Mayor So Far

Episode Summary

It's Women's History Month, and a majority of Americans say they're satisfied with women's place in society. But, is it consistent with statistical data hinting at a different story? Then, we dig into the numbers from our new NYC poll. What do New Yorkers think of their new mayor Eric Adams? We end this episode on a musical note...or rather instrument.

Episode Notes

For Women's History Month, the Poll Hub team is looking at what Americans think about the progress of women in society versus what some data shows. It's especially timely since the pandemic has had outsized impacts on women -- especially moms and service industry workers.

Next up, our new poll of New York City residents provided some good news for the new mayor Eric Adams. But his approval rating only tells part of the story. We unpack the data to see what's really happening. You can see the poll here: https://maristpoll.marist.edu/polls/marist-new-york-city-poll-mayor-eric-adams-job-performance-march-2022/

The team wraps up this week's episode with an up-"beat" discussion of musical instruments.