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Working Less & Are We Really So Independent?

Episode Summary

Are 49% of Americans political independents? According to Axios and Gallup, they are, but Phillip Bump, Charles Franklin, and we say otherwise. Then, people are working less than they were pre-pandemic. Has our work-life balance shifted? The team investigates with the guy who coined the term "The Great Resignation." And finally, we end with a special fun fact that will have you feeling nostalgic about nostalgia.

Episode Notes

Axios recently ran a piece looking at Gallup Poll data showing 49% of Americans identify as independents -- a big increase over the past decade. But...is this really accurate? The Washington Post's Phillip Bump and Charles Franklin from the Marquette Poll have serious doubts. We'll explain why the Gallup data isn't really the issue.

Next, has the pandemic made workers lazy? New data shows that workers are working fewer hours than pre-pandemic -- but there are big differences among different groups. We have special guest Anthony Klotz, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at the University College London School of Management, on and we're asking how much of the change can be attributed to the pandemic and how much is something greater.

Finally, we dive into our fun fact that has us reminiscing. Want to feel nostalgic? We're figuring out the best way.