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Young Dems & Biden: Where’s the Love?

Episode Summary

Broadly speaking, young Democrats are not Joe Biden fans. Why are they so unhappy and what could it mean for the midterms and beyond? The Economist data journalist Elliott Morris joins to talk about that and his new book. It’s all about the polling biz and why it’s a critical part of a functioning democracy.

Episode Notes

Joe Biden's approval rating is bad — in our most recent NPR/PBS NewsHour he hit his lowest number to date — but it’s especially bad among the youngest voters. Why are young Democrats so meh about the President? And, will it matter much in the midterms, especially since young people are the least likely to vote?

We discuss that with The Economist data journalist Elliott Morris before turning to his new book, STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: How Polls Work and Why We Need Them. We're big fans of this important examination of the polling industry, why polling matters, and what pollsters and journalists could be doing to make it better.

You can follow Morris on Twitter @gelliottmorris and @TheEconomist and see his book here: https://wwnorton.com/books/Strength-in-Numbers